Wednesday, December 2, 2015

6 More Amerasians/Eurasians Make the Most Beautiful List

On Viet Celeb's recent post, Another 50 Most Beautiful Vietnamese Women of All Time, 6 of our beautiful Amerasians/Eurasians made the list.  That comes to 12% of the 50 lovely ladies listed as being either Amerasians or Eurasians.  Just like on Viet Celeb's previous list, 50 Most Beautiful Vietnamese Women of All Time, this is a rather impressive ratio.  Remember, we Amerasians and Eurasians make up less than 1% of the entire Vietnamese population.  The six lovely Amerasian/Eurasian ladies that had made the list are Michelle Banzer, Luu Hong, Nai Bonet, Tinna Tinh, Thuy Hang and Van Anh.  Congratulations to our lovely, beautiful Amerasian/Eurasian ladies!

Michelle Banzer - Amerasian, Fashion Model and Miss Kentucky USA 2007 
Tinna Tinh - Eurasian Vietnamese Singer of Czech and Vietnamese Descent 
Luu Hong - Eurasian Vietnamese Singer
of  German and Vietnamese Descent

Van Anh - Amerasian Singer

Nai Bonet - Eurasian Vietnamese-French Hollywood Actress
and Belly Dancer

Thuy Hang - Amerasian Singer


Another 50 Most Beautiful Vietnamese Women of All Time

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Introducing Our Newest Pinterest Board About Eurasians

Vietnamese Eurasians on Pinterest:  France Nuyen (Top),
Dai Trang (Bottom Left), Yohan Cabaye (Bottom Center),
Nai Bonet (Bottom Right)
We proudly invite everyone to check out our newest Pinterest board which celebrates and honors Vietnamese Eurasians of the entertainment industry.  The list of famous Vietnamese Eurasians featured on this board is growing by the minute.  Click on the following link to learn more about Pinterest and our newest board.


Vietnamese Eurasians on Pinterest

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Look Who Has Made the Men's List

Previously on Viet Celeb's 50 Most Beautiful Vietnamese Women of All Time there were a total of 14 Amerasian/Eurasian females who had made the list.  That comes out to 28%.  Pretty impressive, wouldn't you say considering that Amerasians and Eurasians make up less than 1% of the entire Vietnamese population.  With Viet Celeb's recent posting of 20 Most Handsome Vietnamese Men of All Time, four had made the list.  That comes out to 20%.  Not as high as the rate of Amerasian/Eurasian females on the previous list, but it's still quite impressive.  Here are the four Amerasian/Eurasian males on that list.

Chris Tianssen:  International Male Model
 of French and Vietnamese Descent

Fabien Corbineau:  Eurasian Actor of Korean Cinema and Television
 of French and Vietnamese Descent 

Marcel Nguyen:  Olympics Medalist Gymnast
 of German and Vietnamese Descent
Yohan Cabaye:  Professional Footballer of French and Vietnamese Descent


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dai Trang Featured on Viet Celeb

Dai Trang has definitely been one of the most successful overseas Eurasian Vietnamese singers ever since she first came onto the scene back in the early 1990s appearing on a string of Hollywood Night videos produced by May Productions.  She had started to make an impact in the overseas Vietnamese entertainment industry representing the Amerasian/Eurasian Vietnamese community before the likes of Thanh Ha and Phi Nhung had made their way.  It is my honor and privilege to feature Dai Trang on  For the tribute and bio of Dai Trang featured on Viet Celeb, click on the link below.  Our next Amerasian singers to be featured on VietCeleb will be Lilian and Randy.  Look for their upcoming bios and tributes that will be published at the beginning of next month.


Dai Trang Bio on Viet Celeb

Monday, August 31, 2015

Tributes to Two Eurasian Performers of Vietnamese Folk Opera

With the recent passing on July 10, 2015 of Phuong Thanh, a very handsome German-Vietnamese Eurasian actor of traditional Southern Vietnamese folk opera known as "cai luong", made me think of another legendary Eurasian French-Vietnamese actor, Dung Thanh Lam.  But let's not drift away from the topic of Phuong Thanh's recent passing just yet.  Afterall, he was a tremendous talent in his own right.  I've had the chance to meet him on one occasion when I was over in Paris a few years back.  I met him through singer Tuan Hung's mother, "cai luong" actress Kieu Le Mai, who is also Eurasian of French and Vietnamese decent.  I found him to be a very lovely man, as he was quite humble.  And despite how he was of advanced age during the time of our meeting, I can still see very visible remaining traces of him once being a very handsome man.  Now that I think about it, I do remember watching him on those "cai luong" video productions from Thuy Nga Paris back when I was a kid.  Phuong Thanh had starred in a series of those "cai luong" video productions during the 1980s and costarred with the likes of Huu Phuoc, Thanh Duoc, Huong Lan, Mong Tuyen, Phuong Mai, Phuong Hong Ngoc and Kieu Le Mai.  He sure was one very handsome devil.  I guess a lot of folks don't know this about me, but I've been a huge fan of "cai luong" ever since I can remember.  I guess that's an innate trait for Eurasians.  Looking back at the history of performers of Southern Vietnamese folk opera, there have been quite a few of us Eurasians like Phuong Thanh, Kieu Le Mai, Phuong Hong Ngoc, who is a quarter French, Bich Ngoc and of course, Dung Thanh Lam.  Phuong Thanh will definitely be greatly missed.

Phuong Thanh (1948-2015)
Eurasian Actor of Vietnamese Folk Opera Stage Known as "Cai Luong"
As I mentioned earlier, the passing of "cai luong" actor Phuong Thanh made me think of Dung Thanh Lam.  Besides having watched Dung Thanh Lam perform live in an all-star cast which included Huong Lan, Huu Phuoc, Thanh Duoc, Viet Hung, Phuong Mai and Bang Chau in Tam Long Cua Bien at the Anaheim Convention Center back in the 1988 and one other time later that same year in Nua Doi Huong Phan at the Valley High School auditorium in Santa Ana, California, I had also gotten to know him on a personal level when I became an adult sometime in the early 1990s.  Where shall I begin?  Alright, I'll start with when I first started singing for the Vietnamese community back in 1993.  One of my first bookings was an engagement at the Normandie Casino in Gardena, Southern California where I would befriend a Vietnamese celebrity by the name of Kim Qui.  Believe it or not, but Kim Qui was actually one of the first Vietnamese celebrities I had become friends with when I first started out as a Vietnamese singer.  If her name happens to ring a bell with a bit of uncertainty, just disregard any uncertainty because it is who you think it is.  Yes, that Kim Qui!  The one and only Kim Qui, Saigon's legendary, most celebrated performer of burlesque.  Or shall I say, the famous striptease artist?  She was actually one very cool lady. Anyway, she had been booked to perform on that same engagement with me at Normandie Casino.  At that time, I guess she was trying to pursue a career as a singer.  But on the night of the show, somehow her segment where she was supposed to sing a couple of songs got cut out altogether and was only able to perform her burlesque act.  So to make a long story short, she and I had become friends during rehearsals for the show.  One day she invited me over to her place for dinner.  That's when I found out that her "husband", or the man in her life at the moment, was none other than Dung Thanh Lam.  Upon meeting him for the first time, we instantly clicked.  I guess there's something about Eurasian-to-Eurasian interaction.  Like I said, we just clicked and talked to one another as if we had known each other our entire lives.  After that engagement at the Normandie Casino, I would see Kim Qui every now and then.  But we really didn't remain that close simply because we didn't have all that much in common to really sustain a close friendship.  I did run into her one night at the Ritz Nightclub in Anaheim some months after the Normandie Casino show and while she and I were sipping on some cognac, she revealed that she and Dung Thanh Lam had broken up.  I could tell she was really saddened.  That made me feel bad for her.

I hadn't seen Dung Thanh Lam for years until the beginning of the year 2000.  It was during Tet season.  I had been booked on a show in Pomona, California at the Tet Festival for the Vietnamese community there in celebration of the Vietnamese New Year.  Since Pomona has a rather small Vietnamese community in comparison to Little Saigon in Westminster, California, you could imagine how much smaller their Tet festival gathering would be in comparison to what we're used to seeing in Orange County year after year.  I think that was actually the very first year that the Vietnamese community of Pomona held a Tet festival.  Only three performers were scheduled to appear at that show.  Can you guess who these three were?  They were Dung Thanh Lam, Dai Trang and myself, Thien Phu.  Blown up photos of all three of us were so exaggerated on the flyers that had been made to promote the festival, it looked as if it were an advertisement for some really major event.  But in all reality, the total number of people who ended up attending the Tet Festival in Pomona that year only came to just slightly over 300. I didn't realize it until Dung Thanh Lam had pointed this out to Dai Trang and myself when all three of us were hanging out in the dressing room before the show began.  Pointing at the poster he said, "It's rather odd how they would book all three of us Eurasians for this show, don't you think?  The flyer says that these three singers will be performing for the Vietnamese New Year's festival.  What if someone who wasn't Vietnamese saw the flyer?  Seeing photos of the three of us, they would probably think, 'Why are these three Mexicans performing for Vietnamese New Year?'"  We couldn't stop laughing the whole night over what he had said.

Dung Thanh Lam (1942-2014)
French-Vietnamese Eurasian Actor of "Cai Luong" Stage and Films in South Vietnam

Unfortunately, that was the only time I ever got to work with Dung Thanh Lam.  Two years after that one time we had worked together, I would hear through the grapevines from others in the Vietnamese entertainment world that he fallen ill.  No specific illness was ever revealed.  All I would hear was that he was in poor health.  The next thing I know, a couple of years later he was dead.

It turns out that what had taken Dung Thanh Lam's life so prematurely was cirrhosis of the liver.  I wish I had visited him in the hospital while he was still alive.  I know that there was nothing I could have done to help save his life.  I really wanted to see him so that I could tell him thank you for all of his accomplishments in his career as a Vietnamese entertainer and how he being Eurasian, an "ethnic minority" in the Vietnamese culture, had really set a good example and had opened a lot of doors for other Eurasians of future generations to come.  Dung Thanh Lam was truly a pioneer for Eurasians in the Vietnamese entertainment world.  He was the first Eurasian to grace the "cai luong" stage in South Vietnam, the first Eurasian to appear on national television in South Vietnam and the first Eurasian actor to appear in Vietnamese films.  For such unprecedented accomplishments and contributions,  it is my pleasure to salute, celebrate and honor the memory of Dung Thanh Lam.

Mong Tuyen and Phuong Thanh in Mưa Rừng (1991)
One final note, in the early 1990s the overseas Vietnamese production label, Thuy Nga Paris, had released on video a reprisal performance of the classic cải lương play, Mưa Rừng, starring Mong Tuyen as the lead female character and both of our late Eurasian fellas, Dung Thanh Lam and Phuong Thanh.  For some reason, Mong Tuyen has always looked as if she was Eurasian, to me.  I've read biographies on her and from I've read, both of her parents were Vietnamese.  But how did she end up with such apparent European features on her face?  That's just something I've wondered about every once in a great while.  

Monday, July 20, 2015

Danny Tuan - A Sight for Sore Eyes

Danny Tuan
When I first started out singing, there was this one particular singer, another fellow Amerasian by the name of Danny Tuan, that everyone was raving about just how gorgeous he was.  I remember the first time I was introduced to him was through a mutual friend, Perry Zeild, who had been the make-up artist to singers on Paris by Night.  The first thing that came to my mind was how everybody was right.  He is gorgeous.  He just looked like one of those guys on the cover of GQ Magazine.

For those of you who might not remember who Danny Tuan is, perhaps the following details will help remind you about this Chinese-Vietnamese Amerasian performer.  When Danny Tuan was first introduced onto the overseas Vietnamese entertainment scene, he had started out as a model on several of singer Nhat Ha's videos.  He was this dashing young fellow with striking European and Asian mixed features.  Shortly after, he had caught the eye of producer Le Ba Chu and signed with the Giang Ngoc label that would release three of Danny Tuan's solo studio albums.  Due to his popularity as a model in her videos, Nhat Ha had decided to include him on several other music video showcases as a singer.  Danny Tuan's most popular music video for Nhat Ha Productions was his cover of The Cascades' Rhythm of the Rain.  

I had met and spoken with Danny Tuan only a few times.  We weren't friends, but not enemies, either.  There was one thing that sort of bothered me when I first started singing.  And that was how I had been told that I look a lot like him and had even be mistaken for him several times.  As a singer, nobody ever likes to be mistaken for someone else.  Imagine how it feels after you've sung your heart out on stage just to be greeted by an audience member who calls you by another singer's name.  That has happened more than a few times.  It isn't the most gratifying experience.  I've even had that happen since I've set up my Facebook account.  One Facebook friend had sent me a private message once saying how she really loved watching me on video with the song, Rhythm of the Rain, for Nhat Ha Productions back in the day and had also enjoyed the songs I had recorded in Chinese, but was now really surprised that I could also sing in French.  It was obvious she had mistaken me for Danny Tuan, as well.  That really puzzles me, because frankly, I don't think Danny and I sound anything alike.  But now that I think about it, I'm rather flattered that people think I look like him.  He is afterall one very handsome guy.  Even if people said I looked like a less attractive version of Danny Tuan, I still take that as a compliment.  I remember on one occasion meeting Danny that I had told him how I've been mistaken for him.  He just laughed.  

It's been years since I've seen Danny Tuan or even heard of his whereabouts.  Sometime in the mid 1990s, all of the sudden he just disappeared from the Vietnamese music scene.  I guess with a lot of singers, he probably felt after a while in the spotlight that it had just gotten old and therefor decided to move on with his life.  The last I heard about Danny Tuan was from singer Thanh Ha about six years ago.  At the time when we spoke, she had said that a few years back she had run into Danny in Atlanta, Georgia at one of her shows.  Apparently, Danny had relocated to Atlanta and now lives somewhat of a quiet life there.  Even though I didn't know him that well, given how he is also Amerasian, I feel as if there is a certain kinship between us as I do with all other Amerasians, especially Amerasian performers such as myself.  I certainly wish him the best.

Thien Phu

Monday, June 29, 2015

Amerasian Show in Seattle, Washington

If you happen to be near the Seattle, Washington area during the weekend of July 11th, don't forget to attend this event that has been put together to honor and support causes for Amerasians and their families from the Vietnam War.  The event has been named as Tinh Lai Khong Bien Gioi, which is also the name of an organization founded by our fellow Amerasian and singer/songwriter Jimmy Miller AKA Nhat Tung.  Come out and support our fellow Amerasian/Eurasian performers that will be present that night such as Quoc Anh and Lilian and a gala of many others.  This gathering is a great opportunity for many of our Amerasian friends to reunite with one another, some of which we might have not seen in years for those who had resettled here from Vietnam under the Amerasian Homecoming Act.  As for other Amerasians, like myself, who had come to the United States prior to the Amerasian Homecoming Act, events such as these are a way for us to get more in touch with the culture of Amerasians/Eurasians from Vietnam and also helps us learn about the plight of our own people.  All proceeds will be going directly toward a charity cause known as the Amerasian DNA Project.  This show is definitely not to be missed, especially by any Amerasian or Eurasian from Vietnam.